Saturday, April 7, 2007

Express Yourself


Bob Perrin (c) 2007

Don't run with the scissors, don't cross your eyes because they might stay like that, where's your jacket? you could catch a cold, wheres your shoes? you could step on a rusty nail and get an infection and die. and on, and on, and on somemore it went.

As I look back on those things my mother and every mother tells her children, I sometimes wonder if they all communicate telepathically or simply heard it from their mothers. As much as I would like to think my mother was a super human all knowing wizard with magical powers of foresight, I've reluctantly resigned myself into accepting she is just smart.

She just possesses the ability as we all do, to learn from the past and apply it to her future and the futures of anyone within shouting distance. I'm kinda lucky that way, because I have highspeed internet access, and she just had a block or two, or sometimes three if she had something really important to say.

If your wondering where I'm going with all this, its the fact that although this information rich society we live in is beaming info here and beaming info there, the grass roots real free speech seems to be fading fast. We all remember the Dixie Chicks attempt at free speech and how that turned around to bite them in the "ass" (sorry). Well, just try that in a dictator run country and see how long you last. Did they just somehow mistakenly assume they were in a free speech country? or were they protected by the constitution that some of us still believe in.

How about this for a change? what do you say we all just say what we really mean and not worry about being sued by some "bullshit" (see its easy) self righteous organization or some self serving lawyer. Even better, maybe we could set aside one day a month where you could say anything you wanted and no one could sue you because lawsuits are against the law on the last day of every month. Think of the court costs we could save!

Well although I don't envision that happening right away, I do envision a future where free speech is really "free speech". There are a lot of people out there who never speak up with their ideas for fear they wont be heard or fear they will be heard and someone wont agree with them. What a bunch of "crap" (see I did it again), shame on me, but it felt good. Now you do it, and maybe we'll be able to communicate. if that doesn't work than we can try the telepathic thing. O.K?.

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